We pride ourselves on having a clean neighborhood gym with all equipment working efficiently. In order to keep things this way- we have rules.  

1. Disinfectant spray bottles + micro fiber towels are provided at the front desk. YOU MUST CLEAN OFF YOUR SWEAT WHEN FINISHED ON ANY MACHINE. In an effort to reduce our waste, we opt for micro fiber towels over wipes. Our staff around the clock cleans all cardio, machines, floors, etc. You are responsible for being a good human and not leaving your sweat everywhere. 

2. All weight plates, dumbbells, accessories, etc need to be put back after use. We are not your maid, spouse or mom. IF YOU GET IT OUT, YOU CAN PUT IT BACK. 

3. We are not a Crossfit box- IF YOU CAN'T SET IT DOWN, DON'T PICK IT UP. Our rubber flooring has concrete under it- it will crack if you drop heavy weights hard on it. Our weight plates are not meant to be dropped. 
The same goes for our machines. There is no reason you should be slamming weight stacks. Our professional bodybuilders didn't have to slam things to get their pro card. Our professional athletes didn't have to slam things to go pro. Neither do you.

We work hard to provide our equipment for you to use- treat it with respect. Unlike a big box gym, owners are here daily + actually care. If you have questions on how to do something, please ask. We love to teach. 

If you've been warned and continue to break our rules, don't be surprised when we kick you out.