Christie is certified as a PT with NASM and ACE. She has over 15 years experience as a full-time trainer. She has been a certified Golf Biomechanic for 13 years and can help you improve your game through fitness and flexibility. Other specialty certifications include: weight loss, fitness nutrition and sports perfomance. She is experienced in Whole 30 and Paleo Nutrition. She loves running and training all level runners and youth athletes. Christie has over 8 years experience in MMA. She teaches HIIT cycle, traditional cycle, and strength classes at Elite.
Stephan is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer + Orthopedic Exercise Specialist. He has been a trainer for over 10 years. He is constantly learning, holding certificates for Functional Movement Screen L1, Fascial Stretch Therapist L1, Movement and Mobility Specialist and a Mobility WOD Coach. He focuses on getting you mobile, stronger, and moving well- so you'll be better in everything you do with your body!
Byron-- Total Body Conditioning
Byron is a group exercise instructor and a M.A.T. (Muscle Activation Specialist). A M.A.T. Specialist understands the stresses to your body are more than just a workout. Call Byron if you are feeling aches in joints, back, knee, neck and feet. He will take you where your body wouldn't go before!
Monique has been a Personal Trainer for over 17 years. Monique has worked with Triathletes, Marathon runners, as well as with weight/fat loss, and strength + conditioning. She is experienced in Boxing, TRX, Kettlebell training, and working with Senior Citizens. She is a member of ISSA, ACE, and NASM.
John specializes in strength training/conditioning, sport specific training, weight/fat loss, supplementation, nutrition, kettlebell and functional training. With 18 years of experience, he is a member of  A.C.E.  and the NASM as a Certified Personal Trainer. He is a passionate Brazilian Ju-Jitsu blackbelt, instructor and competitor. John won Gold at the 2013 IBJJ Chicago Winter Open. "I love the challenge and variety of working with clients from athletics, hard-working adults to kids and beginners. My goal more than anything is to help my clients achieve or surpass the goals they set for themselves."
Wes  has been a Certified Personal Trainer for 17 years. He lives and breathes health and fitness. With a Bachelor of Science from ISU and a Coaching Minor, he's intrinsically motivated by seeing his clients reach their personal goals, overcome life fears, and improve their quality of life. His PT Cerifications: NASM, PTA Global + NSCF. His areas of expertise are: fat loss, muscle imbalances, trigger points, sports specific training, overall fitness and toning, taking clients out of everyday pain and private volleyball lessons. He has played/coached volleyball for over 22 years.
Mo is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. After being an owner/operator of his own business for many years, Mo decided to move on and pursue his true passion- fitness. As someone who has always been active and in the pursuit of fitness, he has learned and practiced many techniques over the years. From this accumulation of training experiences, Mo has developed his own unique theories on strength and flexibility training + how they apply to individual clients' goals. He belives training sessions should be fun and efficient for all- men, women, small groups and individuals alike!





Andrea  has a diverse athetic bakground: D1 soccer player, marathoner, triathlete, professinal bodybuilder. NASM + Health Coach Certified, Andrea can get you reaching your goals through exercise and proper nutrition guidance. Andrea takes special care in avoiding injury by developing a strong foundation with core, hips and proper mobility. She specializes in corrective exercise, core strength + rehab, pain management, postural correction, weight loss, weight training, muscle building and circuit training.